lcd monitor or lcd tv for xbox gaming

Hiya probably gona get all sorts of answers but in genral what is best for xbox 360 gaming a 24"-26" pc monitor or lcd 32" tv. have heard of people getting headaches after 30mins to an hour on lcd tvs. any feedback would be great. Been looking at monitors with hdmi dint fancy vga or dvi.


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i use a lcd tv 37 inch and i dont get head achs just take small breaks like going to get a drink or just go for a walk lol


Considering most (if not almost all) xbox games have a native resolution of 720p, it is likely you won't see a difference either.


It's more like around 2/3 -3/4 of Xbox 360 games are native 720, however X is generally not fixed among them. Of the remaining games only around 4-5 are higher upto (but not all) 1080.


That's just based on a quick skim through the list on Beyond3D and the list doesn't have nowhere near every game on the Xbox 360 released, arcade or retail.

These days, they both use the same screen tech. You would probably find a TV is more versatile as it will have many more input options.

In fact, I now use a 25" 1080p TV as my PC monitor (via HDMI)

I have a 37" Panasonic Viera HD TV and can honestly say it's brilliant for both TV and games! It may cost a little more but comes packed with some nice features and is very easy to use and set up.

You can also connect an external USB hard drive to it and record from your TV!

I`d definitely go for a full HD LCD TV connected with an HDMI cable.

I have a 40" Samsung connected to my 360, never had any sort of headache as the picture is so clear and sharp.

I used to use a LCD monitor connected via VGA to my xbox and was a bit worried about switching to LCD TV after people had told me VGA offers slightly better quality than component but I really can't see much of a difference.

Considering most (if not almost all) xbox games have a native resolution of 720p, it is likely you won't see a difference either.

What's best is a display with a high refresh rate, a good panel, and a fast response time. Whether it's a monitor or a HDTV doesn't matter as much nowadays and unless you're really competitive and want the best of the best equipment it's generally a matter of preference. I have an Acer 24" 120hz 3D monitor and a 32" LG HDTV and both are great. Colours are a little more colourful on my HDTV but the monitor is more responsive and allows me to see things at a slightly better detail. I use both equally. I lean slightly towards my monitor though it cost more than my HDTV so I'm biased.

Well before I had a PC monitor which I used for my PC (obviously) but then I got a VGA cable so that I can use my Xbox 360 on it as well. But then after 3 years the monitor blew up so I decided to get a proper L.G LCD TV.

It is a 26" 720p TV and it has 2x HDMI ports, 1 VGA, 1 DVI, 1 component, 1 composite and 2 scarts sockets. So I have my PC, my 360, sometimes my laptop connected to the TV and I don't get any headaches or anything.

If you can connect your Xbox via HDMI, then do it as it will give the best quality, followed by VGA, and compoment.