Launch Day

I am very excited about getting my Day One edition Xbox one on launch day. I am hooking it up to the main TV and the DirecTV box. I know it's not supported but I will see what I can do with it.

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glad you're excited but no question here so what do you expect people to say?

Can we stop with these threads? I am undoubtedly excited too but I don't want to see 100 of these threads in the next 10 days. Lets have an Official "I'm Psyched" thread and let everyone post in one place. No need for one of these everytime someone is excited for X1.

Directv isn't supported?

hi it is support it confirm  by MajorNelson

I found that article earlier.  I also found one in the same search from Wired that had a demo showing the TV functionality back in may and DirecTV was the platform being showcased.