Launch date has made up my mind.

I was all set to cancel the PS4 orders and go back to MS when they actually changed all the drm , 24hour check in and always on Kinect. Then Bam they did it again.

They have not announced a release date. Obviously something has gone wrong at MS and they do not know when they will launch. I had promised my daughter and brother a new console for Christmas. Now I do not know if MS will play along, it looks like I now yet again need to go PS4. What the heck is wrong with this. I am a dedicated 360 player since launch. I have wanted a few things changed which they did yaaay, now I may not even get a console pre 2014 WTH. Is it,  they seriously do not want me as a XBox fan any more.

They seriously make it hard to buy  XBOXONE. For Christmas presents IMO. I do not want to disappoint the family with an empty box at christmas, At least the PS4 is a present, I can source. It is far to late after PS4 date release not to give us theirs. If I know nothing about the launch by november, I am going ahead with the PS4 pre orders I have. Seriously It is becoming a pain.

A lot of ups and downs, up to now with this console and I have not even got one. Come on MS make it a XBOX Christmas.


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Hello again.


Considering I have asked for the hostility to be minimized of which it has shown no improvement, unfortunately I am going too have to lock this thread.

Bruno is just being downright hurtful because he doesn't understand how to properly react towards others or ignore them. He's posted insults towards every single person who's replied to him because he feels as if they're attacking him, which puts him on the defensive.

Bruno, here's my advice: Take everything anyone on here says with a grain of salt & don't take it so seriously - you're upset about not having the release date because you want to have it ordered for your daughter, right? If that's the case, then just be patient - it will come in November, as they've already said. The release date will come in due time, so don't worry. It will certainly come before November, if not much, much sooner than that. Just calm down, buddy. Everything's going to be okay. Either way, you WILL have a console available to make your family happy. We know that, & I'm sure your family will appreciate that - no matter how old they are...

PVR sorry m8 the fact is several of these have been leaked and are not official. Usually the same story as a midnight release on 10 different sites. With 10 different dates. Not much help really.

you miss the part where it has not been confirmed?

well considering Walmart has Nov 8 2013 set to open @12 midnight for their XB1 debut I think the date has been set already ;)

Wow I love it. You quote my answer without any idea what I have spent 3 pages explaining. You my friend are funny. Learn what is going on when posting. Stops you looking like a div, seriously. If you can not bother reading this, I will not recap again for about the 10th time just for you. Jesus posters are so damned lazy here.

[quote user="Bruno Hslaww"]

Are all of you illiterate or what? What part of, if they do not announce by 1st of November is so hard to grasp. How is that anything to do with demanding an answer in August! AS I SAID Troll fan boys got to cry fowl all the time. and lie about what I said. I have a valid point. Only stupid people do not want to actually follow the facts on this forum.


why are you so upset over no official release date. we know it'll be november and we know it'll be tuesday so there are 4 options 4/11/18/25. So my question is why are you all bent out of shape?

Lol that is a joke a troll with one track saying that about others! I laughed so hard. No one asked you to comment that was your choice as it is mine. Get over it.

I am done with your trolling. You are stuck on repeat just like others in these forums.

So you are worried you said.

You also said you will wait till October.

So what exactly do you want now?

We wil sure post the release date as soon as we know if that helps you.

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