Latest Xbox One Update Problem

 Has anybody else had a problem with the latest Xbox One update ? Since getting the update yesterday I have been having these random problems

1 - Telling XBOX to turn off  asked to confirm by saying Yes .Kinect doesn't understand 'Yes' and it doesn't turn off

2 - Pressing Guide Button to go to Dashboard from COD And Titanfall Beta brings up black screen ,the dashboard is still running in background but you can't see it.

3 - Sometimes Kinect does not recognise you on boot up and you have to sign in manually.

4 - Sometimes when booting up you still have part of an image on screen from when you shut it down last. (if you leave console off for a while this does not happen)

I have spent most of the day in contact with microsoft support about this and it cant be sorted.I even re-installed firmware from a pen drive but the problems (some of them anyway) have come back.Going off what I have seen online ie. on Reddit  -      I am not the only one with this problem.Up to getting this update yesterday my XBOX ONE worked without any problems.

If you are have this problem please post here and also ring Support , They have escalated my problem and the more reports they get then something can be done about it.   


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Same problem for me since update. Usually happens when going from a game back to the Home page. Screen goes black,  but you can hear it is still working in the background.

You can even tell. It to turn off and back on again, so it is working fine except the screen is black.

Only option is to turn it off completely, and then it comes back fine.

Until the next time.

Yep have been experiencing the black screen thing since the update, had it happen twice now, once  exiting the Titanfall beta and just now exiting Lego Marvel.  I have to do the same as Pagan and completely power off before it comes back.

I've not had the issues myself, but there's an article about on totalxbox

I ended up having to boot into a "Safe" 800 x 600 menu (Hold XBox button and Eject Button together for 10 seconds) on Saturday after I lost all video from the XBox.  As you guys have noticed yu can still hear everything just no video.

After booting to the safe menu I could switch my resolution back to 1080 and it worked okay again.

I've had a couple of issues since the update where I had none before.

Definitely had many more problems with Kinect intermittently refusing to recognise any commands after the update (even if I turn the volume down and shout into the sensor. Oddly if I turn it off when this happens, it will turn on again with the 'xbox on' command.

Also have found that even the settings screen can be unresponsive too. At the weekend I was trying to get to 'preferences' but whatever I did, it wouldn't let me select that option. I could even highlight it using the controller, but pressing A did nothing. Bizarrely I could select other submenus fine. Eventually it did finally let me in.

It's also broken the ability to turn the console off using my Harmony Ultimate remote.

Major problems since the update. Its not related to any game in particular as speculated on several other forums.

Mine is now in the process of being replaced. 5 times I had to restart last night, with loss of kinnect responding to commands etc and my internet connection dropped to under 1mb ul/dl with 256ms ping???? Ethernet connected too, also tried wifi 2g and 5g, but they have always been terrible, my router is only 8 foot away. Its not my connection either as no other tech was affected in my house.

I have tried hdmi settings changing auto/manual, changing cables, changing from 1080 to 720. Ive had the kinnect disconnected, plugged into differing hdmi slots in my TV. Infact i have never bothered connecting my virgin tivo through the xbox 1 due to the slight lag caused.

My main gripe is the fact xbox support are not even singing from the same hymn sheet. On twitter they recognise the problem and suggest a hard reset, that appears to work for some, but gets to the point that when your doing it 4 or 5 times a day, enough is enough. Online and phone support haven't got a clue, and claim to have never heard of this black screen problem.

So with that I decided i wanted shot of Microsoft and Xbox altogether, though after spending £429 and a further £250 on games plus a new live subscription for £29 plus a further £97 put in credit onto the console. No problem, amazon would refund me the cost of the console, but Xbox will not refund the credit of £97 on my console plus they would only give me a credit note for the live subscription, which is no use if im leaving them?????? Different to what I was told by another support agent (supervisor this time) so I gave up and asked for a replacement to be sent out. You can't win with these guys, either way I am going to lose out.

I really honestly wish I had never bought the Xbox 1.

Anyway to cut a long story short the update has affected several people now, if you check back others have had this problem since before the update even came out. Xbox/Microsoft really don't care and certainly are not in any rush to even acknowledge this problem.

This is starting to get annoying now,  happens pretty much every time I exit a game and have to power off at the mains to reset it. There are plenty of threads around saying the same and it's only happened since the update. People are also reporting that Microsoft's answer is to replace the console, surely that can't be right, it seems as go though the update has knackered the console so could they not fix that with another patch??

I have been having the same problem since the update everyday I have had the black screen at least twice while pressing the home button and had to power down on the console to get the video back.  I have now turned off the quick resume (Beta)  and at the moment fingers crossed it hasn't happened since.