latest upate for ddrive on xbox360 deemed xbox as being flashed

my son has had his xbox 360 elite 250g harddrive since 2008 and it was bought from new used it online and for sky player

and suddenly with the last update for ddrive it got to 95% and stopped and gave him an error code which when i spoke to the support team

they told me that his xbox had been flashed which i told them that it hadn,t  or there wouldn't be any point phoning them and since i

can't get any satisfactory responce from xbox i'm considering contacting trading standards to see if they can shed any light on this matter

any other ideas welcome thanks


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Has the drive been replaced by a third party at all?


The update will fail if the drive in the console is not the same type as it shipped with, regardless of whether it has been flashed to play copies or not.

As voteDC said, it can be because of any third party repairs. If that's the case, then there's nothing much you can do.

if being sent back to microsoft is classed as third partyt then yes but otherwise no they are the only people that have touched the xboox it even still has it's authentication sticker on it which is specific to that xbox

No idea then I'm afraid. You could try arranging for a repair through the site and seeing if it goes through. though given the age of the console you'll have to pay around £70+.


Where did you get the console from if I may ask? It is unlikely but not out of the realms of possibility that it was tampered with then you bought it, an in place warranty sticker means little as they can be bought on eBay.

no idea father inlaw bought it for my son  but if i have to pay to rectifie the problem then that will be the last xbox ever bought cause we have had every one going over the years  an dhad to send them back for various problems and i've got five children who all have xbox's two of which are on live memberships gold luck for my son his older brother has a spare otherwise that would be a wast aswell but you can imagine what sort of money microsoft get out of me already

Well it would be worth asking your father-in-law because it really does sound to me as if your drive has been replaced with a version that should not be in there.


As I said the warranty sticker means little, as replacements can be bought over the internet.


It's worth checking with trading standards but the burden of proof to prove it has not been tampered with will be on you. Annoying I know but that is what will happen.

I would advise trying to get purchase proof of your father inlaw first.  Any action would require a receipt to prove its origin.