Last night I ran a speedtest under the detailed network statistics options in the settings menu (, and my latency came back as a whopping 153ms! I ran a speedtest on the laptop and the result was 9ms..

Anyone else had the same kind of results? I haven't tried a proper MP game yet to test any in-game lag. Is this an accurate indicator of the kind of ping I can expect when playing online or just an error on the OS side of things?


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Yes I got the same sort of result.

I imagine the your "ping" is going to the XBL cloud server in the USA and back rather than a local server like speedtest.

Multiplayer seems to run OK, but the odd car seems to hover and bounce up and down on the track. Not flawless.

^ Cheers! hopefully when I get round to playing some proper MP the results are better

The latency test on the xbox one network settings is pinging a server in seattle. So when you use your pc to run a speedtest choose a server in seattle for a fair comparison.