Lara Croft and The Temple Of Osiris

I saw this on Xbox Wire a few moment ago, looks good, it's a seuquel to The Temple Of Light. Clicky clicky


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It looks great!  I hope it still supports local MP.

Thanks for posting! :)

This makes me want to go back and finish the last one I picked up for free with my brother. :P

Same here ^ I have yet to play it when I downloaded it for free but it looks like something I would enjoy.

Hello everyone  :)

These four words popped into my head when I watched the link (insert drum roll here please)...

"Hunter The Reckoning: Redeemer"

This game was released exclusively for the Original Xbox in 2003 by Vivendi Universal Games.  I'm going to play this game now  LOL  :)

Have a nice day or afternoon or night everyone  :)

I guess,they will release it  few months before Rise of Tomb Raider.... :)

@Tzar I believe they said this summer. Very soon from what I've heard.

I like how it is 4P co-op now, the other release is fun.

I agree with GG, I watched that yesterday and thought about finishing the other, either way, I'll get the new one on the One lol.