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I'm not sure if the following is intended behaviour or if it is actually a bug but I didn't know this happened until yesterday and then not until it had cost me a penalty charge on my Broadband package.

I will also apologise for the long windedness of this email but there is quite a lot to explain in order to understand what happened.

I live in the UK in a rural area in Essex, as a result the ADSL based broadband to my village is a pitiful 1mb/sec. Obviously this is completely inadequate for streaming video or large downloads, so in addition to the ADSL service I also have a radio based broadband service provided by a local company which is >10mb/sec.

The reason I have two services is that, due to the nature of the radio based service I am unable to get an Open NAT status for gaming and therefore I use the ADSL service for Online Gaming and the radio service for downloads, streaming and anything else that requires faster bandwidth.

These two services are completely separate having their own routers and own LANs. My Xbox One connects to the ADSL service via a WiFi connection to the ADSL router and via an ethernet cable through a powerline adapter to the router for the radio service.  In order to switch the Xbox between the two connections I simply insert or remove the ethernet cable depending on which service I want the Xbox to use. Plugging in the ethernet cable causes the Xbox to disregard its WiFi settings and use the wired connection instead, unplugging the cable causes it to reconnect to the WiFi connection.  I can check which connection the Xbox is using by looking at the Network page of the Settings area of the dashboard.

So that's the background, here is the problem.  On Wednesday I started installing my disc based copy of Halo:MCC and saw the warning about the 15GB update that needed to be installed.  I checked my network settings to make sure I was connected via ethernet to my faster connection ready for the download and began the install process.

At various points during the install process I checked the bandwidth usage information on the network page to check how fast the download was going and how far it had got.  I was disappointed to notice that I was only getting a download speed of around 100KB/sec and put this down to demand on the XBL servers.  I waited for 28 hours for the install to near completion getting more and more frustrated the longer it took.

At this point, I received and email from my ADSL broadband provider informing me that I was reaching my 10GB monthly download limit, which was surprising as that connection is only used by the Xbox and the Network information clearly showed that it was connected via Ethernet and therefore not using that service.

Confused by the email, I switched off the router for the ADSL connection only to see the Xbox download speed drop to 0.  At this point I started checking the components of my two LANs and I found that the Powerline system connecting the Xbox to the router of the radio broadband service had failed and that the Xbox had actually been using the WIFi connection, despite clearly showing it was using the Wired connection.

So, the point of this rather protracted post is that I now have excess broadband charges of around £20 and a wasted day and a half because my Xbox took it upon itself to use a connection that I had not intended it to use and to fail to inform me that it was using that connection.

As I said at the start of this posting, I am not sure if this is intended behaviour or if it is something that MS are not aware of.  If you were aware it would have been nice if you had shared that information with the rest of us and if not then I would be interested to hear what you might do to resolve this.



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