Lack of games on XOne

Is anyone else starting to get a bit annoyed about this?

I`m sure like me a lot of people traded their 360`s in when getting the xone and I know find myself slightly jealous that the 360 has two very good games recently, south park and dark souls 2 and it leaves me wondering why these are not being ported to xbox one? (I`m aware that they may be in the future but its a bit frustrating) .

I have enjoyed my xone experience so far but it has really mainly been online with BF4 and with my mates on Fifa. Lego is the best single player experience ive had.....haha which are all last gen games.

I`m looking forward to titanfall but that is multiplayer only.


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Buy another next gen game?

There's a lot to choose from.

Honestly I think the Xone has had a pretty good lineup, if I had one criticism it would be the lack of a big game such as Fallout, other than that can't fault it.

I kept my 360 just in case it was needed, so far I haven't been back to it much at all.

I got a bunch of games thinking I'd need them to keep me interested but the fact is the XBox ONE's games are a pretty meaty line up that will keep you going for a while.

Pretty much played everything so far on X1 that I have an interest in...

A good RPG is what's needed!

Yep a good RPG would be the icing on a tasty cake for me.

You should never have gotten rid of your 360! You must have known it's was going to be a while before the One had a abundance of games in its library. Give it 6 months and you'll be spoilt for choice.

You know while Bethesda throws it's weight behind the attempt to rob us blind that is "The Elder Scrolls Online" and "The Witcher 3" is pushed back until next year EA could be the sneaky winners with the latest in the "Dragon Age" series.

Amazing that someone could mess up the "Epic Win" formulae of "Lord Of The Rings" meets "KOTOR" but EA managed to do exactly that.

Now they are apparently trying to deliver a "Skyrim" type experience.

If it's the only "Skyrim" type experience available on the ONE for a while it should do pretty good.

There is plenty of games on the xbox one to keep me occupied for a long while, I have 17 games and it gets difficult now to choose which to play/

We got Forza , DR 3 and AC 4 at launch, nothing else in the line up appealed to me and I haven't played AC 4 or DR 3 since finishing them weeks ago, since then there has only been one game out that I wanted, Thief, For me there has been a lack of new stuff to play and this isn't going to get better until May, I kept my 360 and i'm glad I did.

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