La Noire Trade In of the Week at GS. £35 + 2000XP (about £5 worth)

Gamestation are giving £35 trade for La Noire plus 2000XP Elite points (free to join) which is worth around £5 instore to use off. Until Wednesday/Thursday.

*Buys a few copys for 30ish and trades them in at gamestation lol* The gift cards last over a year of inactiveness so not like got to use that trade money there and then.


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noticed this on hotdeals.

do they charge for the elite cards to stick the 35 on ?

and also 2000xp is worth over a £5 ...

so in theory you get £40+ on a gift card?

alot of games in november, so £40 on a card cud be useful :)

I'm very tempted to trade mine in after completion but keep the dlc codes and buy the game when its cheaper in a few months time. Seems like a very good deal to me

ill reply to this 2moz, as i understand it the loyality card is free and you get virtually £40 on it ... gonna keep it for either skyrim or bf or batman .... then there mw3 and fifa 12 alot of games basically!

Seems like a good deal. At first I loved it but now its meeeeh. Its decent just not that exiting for me. Going to try and complete it and trade it in. Buy Duke Nukem or Red Faction or Infamous with the credit. I will also keep my DLC code. Then in a few months when it can be had for £15 I will buy it again.

@ingoish456 in your replys and even own topic, if you looked at the bit I say after "elite points" "(FREE TO JOIN) you'd of had your answer ;P lol Also 35 will go on a gift card and xp on your elite (reward) card.

Anyways yeah to me seems too good to miss and like lewis says, look how cheap RDR is now and also the RDR dlc collection all dlc has been 800 points only twice!

Cheers for posting this, was thinking of trading mine in anyway as i cba to go back to it.

yeah, just double checking .... sure they have charged at some point ...

I got mine free, but that was when they were first coming out. Never really go to Gamestation tbh, i generally buy online, but use my game card more often sooo.

I just want to thank the original poster. Without this thread, I would probably have missed out on this offer. I've now traded my copy in for £35+ £5.88 in points. I only paid £25 for it too...