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I have the naked City DLC pack worth 100 cheevo points.

Slip of the tongue DLC is worth 100 cheevo points.

How do i get slip of the tongue? If i cant i will never be able to 100% the game. You cant buy Slip of the Tongue anyhere.

Please advise.


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i don't think slip of the tongue counts towards the 100% from what i've read... it was a pre-order bonus similar to naked city.... ... that link might help

Do you mean 100% all the 'cheevos or 100% the game? As you'll be able to 100% the game, just not the 'cheevos.

Think they will add both 'The Naked City' and 'Slip of the tongue' to the market place soon. Otherwise it's a bit unfair to list achievments then not allow you to get them.

You won't require either DLC for the 100% completion achievement.


You cannot play every extra DLC case yet but these are supposed to be generally available after a set amount of time.



Slip of the Tongue was's exclusive. Rockstar have said all the retailer specific content will be available as DLC after a certain amount of time. So you'll have to wait, or buy it again from