LA Noire on an SDTV

Just wanted to check... I'm taking my 360 up to my Mrs on Monday so we can play this together... she has quite a big flat screen TV but it's SD not HD... anyone playing on SDTV offer any comments on quality etc. especially with the facial recognition feature and so on


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I used to play alot of games on a really bad SDTV however many of them looked nice. Dead space for example looked brilliant. Now i know LA Noire relies alot fo graphics and facial recognition as i have a copy on the PS3, but i don;t think SD will ruin the experience significantly or notably.

ah well thats good to hear!

I'd never go back to SD now, but games were fine when i did use it.

In the few instances where I have played on a SDTV I can never seem to make out what's going on in the distance, one of my biggest pet peeves is over scan and SDTV's are terrible for that.

How long do you think it will be until the younger generation say "what's a SDTV"?

I was playing in SD for the first few days & its not to bad as far as faces go, its reading text on some of the clues where you might have trouble but as everything important gets put in your note book you should be ok.