L.A. Noire Naked City

Can someone tell me how i access it. Iv just started the second disk. Can i play it straight away or does it come after doing all the mission cos the achievements don't show.


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There are FIVE 'cheevos for the case, Four of them are secret ones.

there right, i got it as free dlc with 1 other a suit and some photo negatives,

Thanks for the info. And about the achievements do they show as soon as you enter the case cos they aint showing on my profile but on the site they are.

The naked city, if you have it downloaded will appear in the VICE DESK case file.  As you complete the vice desk file it will just let you play it as it does with other cases you complete.

Or at the load up screen scroll it down to select Cases, then move along to the vice desk file and then you can play it from there as a stand alone case.

When playing through the game, 'The Naked City' is the second from last case on the second disc. I think it was case 13 or 14.

the naked city should be viewable in the case files, you can replay any case this away and thats where any DLC goes. There was a hint about replaying case files and about dlc on the first disc

You have to redeem it with a code, If you have them it slots into the story line, so its a case of just waiting for it to appear.