LA Noire Complete Edition, will it be released in the UK?

There is a complete edition of LA Noire available for the 360, PS3 and PC in the US but I can only find mention of the complete edition for the PC in the UK.

Not my favourite 360 title I confess, as I found it rather repetitive, but selling on the standard copy and then buying the complete edition for the extra DLC seems like a good idea.

According to the US version is region free, so I could import it, but the extra postage would likely come to more than just buying the DLC.

Forgive the rambling question but I'd be interested to know if anyone has found more information than I've been able to. 


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Here it is.....

Dont know if the DLC would be still be cheaperl though after trade in price you'll get for it.

Thanks for that. Never heard of but it is good to see that somewhere in the UK is selling it.

Tesco have it available online as well but at a rather pricey £34.47. Here

The individual cases, 2 suits and badge hunt+suit 
DLC are this weeks deal of the week. The standard edition is worth peanuts so I doubt it's worth trading in.

Funnily enough the current 'Deal of the week' seems to be each individual case for 160MS a pop.


All depends if you've a few MS points spare really but I imagine this is the better option being that the re-sale value of the original Noire won't be very much as you can buy s/h copies for a fiver. Think I only got about £9.00 for mine ages ago and that was only due to a price match at CEX

I might just buy the DLC then since the trade-in value is so low.


Thanks for the advice all.

@voteDC ive just been in my local blockbuster and they have the special edition at £ a flashy case ;-)