KVM VGA Switch that WILL Work for Xbox 360

Hi all. I finally found a KVM switch that will work for your Xbox and wish to shire the info with the Xbox Community. I did the looks on the net. But never really found one that I can get with out buying it over the Net. You can get it at most places that sale that kind of stuff.

I found my old thread that may help members with VGA, KVM Switch's and Turtle Beach hookups. Hope no one minds I'm re posting it here in the NEW forums.

PC with VGA and 3.5 Audio speakers, XBox 360 and Turtle Beach X11 all on One Monitor. 

Here is how you do it.

Things to Buy.

For your Xbox is the VGA HD AV Cable
It comes with The cable, a gender changer and a RCA to 3.5mm stereo connection.

The IOGEAR 2-Port Compact USB VGA KVM with Built-in Cables.  The thing is to look for a switch that can do lot's of resolutions. This one has 2048 x 1536. Anything lest you will not get Images.

For Audio. All you'll need is a Two in and One out 3.5mm stereo connection and a 3.5mm audio gender changer.

So now let's put it together.

  1. KEEP ALL YOUR WIRE TWIST TIES. So you can coil and tie up the wire's that your not using. Just to help keep it clean. What I like doing is. What ever end that can be hidden the most. Coil, tie and hind.
  2. Make sure everything is turned off.
  3. Have your Monitor, Xbox, your PC and your KVM switch were you wish to have them for life. " />
  4. Now take one of your VGA Cables from you KVM switch and plug it into your PC. Make sure you also plug in the USB, for Power. Coil and tie up the Cable behind your PC.  Then make sure your Audio wire from your PC is Handy for later.  Push it back to were it's new home is.
  5. Now Plug in you Xbox VGA Cable into your Xbox. Coil it up as much has you need. 
  6. Take your RED and White RCA Cables and plug them into the Piggy back RCA Cables that you got with your Turtle Beach head phones. Then plug them into the RCA to 3.5mm stereo connection. That you got with your VGA Cable.
  7. Now Plug in your PC Audio and your XBox Audio into the 2 in 1 out 3.5mm stereo connection. that you had to buy. Then plug that into the 3.5mm gender changer. Then Plug your PC Speakers into the Gender changer.
  8. Now Plug your XBOX VGA into the VGA gender changer. That you got with the Cable.
  9. Take the other KVM Cable and introduce it to your Xbox VGA Cable. You can plug the USB cable from the KVM switch. Into the Back of the Xbox.
  10. Now Take your old VGA cable that was from your PC to Monitor. Plug it into your KVM switch and run it to your Monitor.
  11. Now Plug your Turtle Beach head phones into the piggy back and plug in the USB into the front of your Xbox.
  12. Make sure the volume is turned down on everything. Turn it all on and see if it works. 
  13. If no sound. Check your USB's for power and all other connections or turn up the Volume a little. " /> Also if you have to turn it up really load to hear it. You bought the wrong 2 in 1 out 3.5mm. You have the 1 in and 2 out. 
  14. If no Images Check the VGA connections or turn on your Monitor.

Hope this helps anyone that is trying to play on a Monitor. If you have any questions. Please ask. I tried a lot of stuff to get this going.


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Nice and informative this is how I ran my first Xbox for a long time since my 24" desktop monitor only had a single VGA in. Was an earlier model IO gear that used scroll lock touches on a keyboard to switch.

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Hi I'm messaging you about a kvm switch and you said that it works with the 360? Does it work good and is the computer your connecting other end 2 windows 7 or vista? I have bought three switches lol and want to be sure on this one.Thanks-tyler


Yes Bud it does work. I use it everyday. With the KVM Switch's it's all about the resolutions. The one I mention has 2048 x 1536 witch is a little more then you need. Witch is a good thing. One thing I like the best about it. Is when you hit the switch. It makes a sound. So you know that you did hit it. BTW I use Vista. Don't think it matters tho. All KVM switches would work for PC's. It's if it will work for Xbox, is the question. Get this one and you'll be set.

i want to hook up my Xbox 360 to the same wireless keyboard i will be using on my multipurpose PC and i want to split the audio that i will be getting from PC and Xbox 360 but be able to hear both Xbox 360 and PC sound at same time just want to switch between the keyboard without having to disconnect the USB receiver from the PC and Xbox 360 all the time as for video i just simply use two HDMI port on my TV i am using the turtle beach headset wired version which has a long enough cord for me but i don't want to wake up one morning and be stuck in a tangled mess of wires so as for the keyboard i would like that to be wireless please reply with what i need to do this weather it be a KMV switch or a USB switch

Well this KVM switch That I'm using. It has USB ports for a mouse and keyboard. Another thing you might be able to use, is a wireless keyboard. But then recharging will be the next thing.

Do you use you keyboard for Xbox? If not you don't need to worry.


When it comes to sound. I can still hear the sound when I'm playing. Say I'm have a Utube video playing and I switch over to the Xbox. I can hear both. Even tho. I have the switch on Xbox.