koa help

iv been playing the dlc for koa but im trying to get back off the faelands to get health and i cant seem to find the ship to set sail iv done the mission and got the boat were do i go?


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Cant you just fast travel?

You goto the camp you  walked into after coming out of the cavern at start.. near the gravehall keep.

How awkward.


I have the DLC but I haven't travelled there yet.


"Fast Travel" might be an option as mentioned above.


Pressing the BACK button should call up the map and you can scroll between "Local" and "World".


Let us know how you get on.



Got some bad news for you Hawk. You cannot leave till you complete the "Dark Harbor" Quest.

Good Luck

I got this game today, is the DLC worth picking up? Im tempted to get it just for a pirate hat lol