Known Hacker need help.

Met a hacker on xbox who is known for getting people console banned. He's done it before and now he has said he is doing it to me. I have his Gamertag and a recording of him and his friends harrasing and threatening me.


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All you can do is block him and report him via your console.

^ So of i get console banned xbox do nothing?

No one can get you console banned so ignore anyone who says otherwise.

The only people who can ban your console is the enforcement team & that's after a thorough investigation to see if your console is modified or not.

Study the legal aspects regarding hackers, seriously. One of the most unfairly neglected menaces to real "democratic" society...

Hacker -> Russian-Israeli or Siculo-Azeri (WHATEVER!) white crime specialist, ecologically niched as servants yet key members of world brigandage: behind the passive merchandise and dealers and buyers in the "HACKER-WORLD", is MYSTERIUM INIQUITATIS. Real-world McMafia barons, human slavers, desolators of innocence, are the life of the whole dysfunction.


Hacker = Agent of Trans-National Organized Criminal Enterprise and to be regarded as demolisher of all human civilization, universally parasitic to the planetary human race:

nam pirata non est ex perduellium numero definitus, sed communis hostis omnium.