Hello, I'm not here to defend the bad games where the Kinnect worked poorly, simply want to tell you which game worked the best from my experiences with the games I did play and why I still want to give it a chance.

sorry, my grammar is bad so I'll try to make this short as possible.

Games that I've played where it worked best on

1. Elderscrolls Skyrim: This was the first time I've used the Kinnect for and couldn't believe how much it made skyrim ALOT more bearable to play, as it allows voice commands and lets it easy for you to activate heal potions and equip items, magic you set. Yes I know there is a hot box to do quick equips, magic and items but one thing is that activating the box puts you in a freeze state and sometimes takes awhile to load up, as for Kinnect it allows for constant game play no with no load wait. My favorite part about the voice command for skyrim is that I can use ALL the thoom skills with out having to switch over and over which to me was a great hassle and vary annoying. Oh one more thing wile having voice command on you allow that special button that activates the thooms to be free for maybe you racial ability power or transformation power which makes things a great deal easy.

2. Battlefield 4: I feel that battlefield 4 did this right by allowing lean anywhere, allowing you to be safe close or a distance behind cover but I would highly suggest setting lean option to zoom only because it can be annoying If lean is activated for everything. My favorite part about Kinnect for this game is the amazing flying with Kinnect allowing you to turn you head and keep on an opponents tail while almost never losing sight of him/her. If it's not alined with your head simply look straight into the screen and tap up on the d-pad and it will fix itself, it's not perfect but it's way better then holding down d-pad looking for the enemy spotting him/her, fly where you last spotted only for him/her to be long gone and probably on your six by now

i have not tried it on any other games so I've never felt your pain where the Kinnect must of failed you on but those two games I could say based on my experiences work fantastically and would recommend a try.

possible future games with Kinnect 

For Star Trek fans I can see voice commanding your own ship would be pretty awesome if they make it right.

thank you for reading my terrible grammar page lol I'm sorry 


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