Kinnect Camera problems with HT setups

I'm assuming I'm not alone but anyone have any solutions for the kinnect camera with a projection screen and remote AV cabinet?

The Camera is the biggest pain in the *** ever and I wish it wasn't integrated with the Xbox I might even have to dump it for the PS4 if I can't figure out something.  I've got a 100" projection screen that is on a motorized screen I really can only mount the camera somehow to the bulk head where the screen drops from.  So first off I have no idea if the camera can angle down far enough to still work properly. 

Secondly I have a remote AV rack and my pre/pro handles all my Video Switching.  there is no way for me to get the Kinnect camera cord to reach to where I need it to go.

Others have to have had this problem what have you done?


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Note since my pre/pro handles the video switching the Xbox One is mounted in my rack cabinet to connect to it.

It is only a PITA if you want to use the Kinect.

Yes, it's a huge PITA.  I have my Kinect 1.0 sitting on my centre speaker, under the screen.  I have an active USB extension cable to run from the sensor to my equipment rack.  Works perfectly.

The kinect 2.0 cable is WAY too short.  There currently is no extension available, with only vague promises of support in the future.  I have my Xbox One in my rack, with the kinect 2.0 cable hanging in the open and just reaching my front right tower, where the sensor sits.  Ugly and I hate it, but it works.

Wow >I have my Kinect 1.0 sitting on my centre speaker< Really? You will be starting a thread in the future indicating your ire with MS because they didn't make the Kinect vibration-proof. If you want a sure way to break your Kinect this is it. A long slow drawn out death but none-the-less death. Good luck with that.