Kingdoms of Amalur

I'm looking for a new RPG game and Kingdoms of Amalur looks pretty sweet. Would anyone recommend it? I've got a right hanckering to play a RPG game and If I can't find a new one, I guess I shall just go back to either Oblivion or Skyrim.


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Thought KoA was great.Must of clocked up a good 160+ hours on it.For the price it's probably going at the moment you can't go wrong.DLC is well worth the price as well.

It is good but if you want something with a bit more depth Dragons Dogma is worth a go as well,  I found KoA to be a bit rpg lite, both good games though.

Amalur was fun, but I found it got a bit dull towards the end, as Genchy says it's kinda light on the RPG mechanics. I'd also agree that Dogma is a better RPG if you haven't played it (though that has a number of pretty major flaws on the RPG front as well (but then most things seem to these days.)).

Im playing the new Skyrim dlc at the moment which is an option if you havent already,  reminded me just how great Skyrim is and miles better than Alamur or Dogma which as Illusion rightly points out has its own issues!

Dragons Dogma was good but I feel like it had problems. I will pick up KoA tomorrow since I'm trading in Lollipop Chainsaw at GAME for £15 (and KoA is £15) so I'm basically getting it for nowt. I remember enjoying the demo and I've watched a few video reviews and it looks pretty fun. Thanks for the thoughts folks.

Just started playing  KoA and have to say its pretty fun with a fair bit to do and at £15 you canny complain, found Dragons Dogma good but had to stop playing it due to theres "Goblin ambush ahead" etc.....was frying my brain.

"Kingdoms of Amalur" is a beautiful world that brilliantly concieved and has a beauty on par with wandering the giant mushroom filled forests of Morrowind in "The Elder Scrolls III".


The humanoid character models are slightly cartoonish but you can overlook or forgive this for the diversity of weapons, armour and spells that are on offer.


When you unlock the highest level effects they are great fun to behold and do make you feel a powerful character.


The lore is interesting and well defined.  Not disposable like in "Dragon's Age".  If you're interested there's loads of dialogue to enjoy.  If you don't care for it you can "go straight to quest" by only selecting the blue highlighted Quest based dialogue in conversations.


The world is large and rich with plenty to do but for all it's scale and wonder you will probably find yourself wishing the game had been a little deeper.


Still a great game worth full price.


£ 15.00 is a steal!