Kingdom Under Fire II

So I first got into "Kingdom Under Fire" with "Circle of Doom".


That game was so cool until the developers nerfed it because a minority had abused weapon augmentations.


But before it was a hack n slash it was an RTS.


Apparently in KUF II they are going to combine the 2.


So you'll be smashing things and people up close and personal with your character but at the same time will be able to zoom out to a "Total War" perspective of units and the battlefield.


Though Gametrailers are listing this as PC and PS 3 only other sites are confirming that it's coming for the 360 as well.


From what I've seen so far it looks really promising.




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yay more brutal legend

Been waiting for this for a long time lol. The two on the Original Xbox were some of my favourites on the console.

From what I remember reading though the 360 version was cancelled or put on hold due to Microsoft's Xbox Live policy around the time the PS3 version was announced, the official website itself now only lists PC and PS3 as platforms  Link