Kinects new best game - Child of Eden

I have just had a good play on this game and all I'm going to say is, this game is stunning. A work of pure art, both in visuals and audio. Just watching the intro sent shivers down my spin and goosebumps, it was quite physically and emotionally moving. Just beautiful!

Now, I only got to play a few levels using Kinect as the controller. Seeing as I always classed Kinect sports as the best Kinect game out there and thought it was extremely responsive to your movements on Kinect. Well that has just been blown out the water when using Kinect with Child of Eden, it is so accurate and extremely responsive, virtually instantaneously. Again, absolutely amazing.

At first I thought this game is nice and laid back, which it is, but boy once you unlock some of the later levels you really need all your gaming skills. Especially the end boss's. 

You need to use both arms one for each type of weapon/enemy. And at times I felt like I was one with the game, a truly surreal and emotionally moving experience.

This is my new best game on the Xbox. I really can't say anymore.




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I'll be getting this Whagi - good to hear.

It's not out on retail release yet is it ?

Err, yeah today!

Goodbye L A Noire it is then !

It appears to be getting some incredible scores. Seems this is the Kinect's second "killer app"

Got it sitting next to me. If the office was quieter I'd sneak upstairs to our xbox 360 and try it.

Loovely :)

I'll stick this on my Boomerang list and see what it's like - if I don't get to Blockbuster first.


Just reserved a copy at local BB - £25 for L A Noire - can't see me playing it much more now the main story's finished.

Think I'll wait for a less subjective reviewer.

Plus the lady that takes the part in the game is pretty good looking too.  :O))

If you don't know what this game is about then this is a good place to start: CLICK MOI >>>


I'm not joking, you would have thought I was playing it with a physical controller, it was that responsive. Spooky even. i will try it with the controller at some point, but I see no need. In fact, some of the shots would probably be easier with kinect, especially the circular movements.

TBT - Once again, appearing like a bad smell where the word Kinect is used....

Get over it.

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