Kinect Voice Commands

One that might be weird is the invite....  Xbox, Invite Xxxgre8epeenxX   How in the F are we supposed to pronounce that?  I hope we can nickname people right off the bat....

Getting Around

If you want to…

Say this…

Turn on your Xbox One console (works only when Instant-On power mode is enabled)

"Xbox On"

“Xbox Démarrez” (French)

“Xbox An” (German)

Turn off your Xbox One console

Xbox, turn off”

Return to the Home screen

Xbox, go home” or "Show my stuff"

Open and go to a particular application

(for example, Xbox Music or Xbox Video)

"Xbox, go to <application name>"

Go back to the previous screen

"Xbox, go back"

Cancel the current action

"Xbox, cancel"

Snap a particular application

"Xbox, snap <application name>"

Unsnap a snapped application

"Xbox, unsnap"

Switch focus between snapped view and main view

"Xbox, switch"

Search using Bing

"Xbox, Bing <subject or topic>"

View the context menu

"Xbox, show menu"

Change view (same as pressing the View button)

"Xbox, change view"

Display the on-screen Help

"Xbox, help"

Note When you do a Bing search, wait for the search box to display before telling the console what to search for.


If you want to…

Say this…

Bring up a list of your contacts

Xbox, Skype

View the contact details of your Skype contact

XboxSkype <person>”

Start a video call using Skype

Xboxcall <person>”

Answer a video call

Xbox, answer

Answer a voice call

Xbox, answer without video

Hang up or end a call

Xbox, hang up

Send an Xbox Live message to a friend

Xbox, send a message

& Profiles

If you want to…

Say this…

Go to the sign-in page to sign in to any profile

Xbox, sign in

Sign-in to a specific account (use the first name on the account)

“Xbox, sign in as <person>”

Sign out of the active profile

Xbox, sign out

Scan a QR code for a game or downloadable content

Xbox, use a code


If you want to…

Say this…

See your notification history

Xbox, notifications

See more details about a notification that appears

Xbox, show notification

Dismiss a notification that is on the screen

Xbox, close notification

Answer an incoming call when the notification appears

Xbox, answer

Answer an incoming call without video when the notification appears

Xbox, answer without video

Video & Music

If you want to…

Say this…

Play video content

Xbox, play

Pause video content

Xbox, pause

Rewind to a previous point

Xbox, rewind

Fast forward to a future point

Xbox, fast forward

Rewind or fast forward at a faster pace

Xbox, faster

Rewind or fast forward at a slower pace

Xbox, slower

Skip to the previous chapter

Xbox, skip backward

Skip to the next chapter

Xbox, skip forward

Stop playback of the content

Xbox, stop

Play music, starting with the last active playlist

Xbox, play music

Pause the track

Xbox, pause music

Skip forward to the next track of a playlist or album

Xbox, next song

Skip backward to the previous track of a playlist or album

Xbox, previous song

Note Xbox Music must be active to use music commands.


If you want to…

Say this…

Watch live TV

Xbox, watch TV

Display the OneGuide

Xbox, show guide

Watch a specific channel

Xbox, watch <channel name>”


If you want to…

Say this…

Mute your television

Xbox, mute

Unmute your television

Xbox, unmute

Increase the television volume

Xbox, volume up

Decrease the television volume

Xbox, volume down


If you want to…

Say this…

Invite a friend to a game or chat

Xbox, invite <name>”

Record a game clip or highlight

Xbox, record that


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Thanks for posting toh! :)

What if you want to invite a friend that has letters AND numbers his name.

Like "H00P3R"  (Those are zeros.)

How would you pronounce that?

Oh, guess I gotta use the controller after all.

I'm sure we will be able to have "nicknames" or else the invite function is useless..

Also if you want to know whats on a certain channel you can say Xbox whats on ......? (HBO, ESPN and etc...)

Thanks for posting this. It'll be really helpful for a while until we learn the commands. I think why a lot of reviewers are having problems with the Kinect voice commands are they are not pausing in between saying "Xbox" and then the command.

No probs guys...  they updated the support page to include the XB1....

lots to read there...

Cool, thanks for the list!

I'm avoided a lot of video's of the system right now, as I want that element of surprise, and to figure things out myself. But from the reviews I've read, the voice commands are specific and not something you want to learn by trial and error.