kinect problem??

Ok im having alot of problems with the kinect i went to a freinds house yesterday to play games then right once i came home the dashboard told me kinect is unplugged i unhooked the console and kinect powered the console back up then the kinect still says kinect is unplugged is there anyway to fix this??if ms thinks im going out and buy a new system they can kiss you know what and i was having fun making clips thanks MS for ruining everything!!!


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so it is MS fault for you disconnecting your kinect... and probably didnt unplug the XB1 first or let it sit and clear itself.... before you yanked on a cable that was still active....  yup... blame the man

So how the heck should i know i had to unhook the xbox first??and another thing at least try and be helpful for once and tell me what i should do rather then being a butthole..

you always wait till its done shutting down FULLY. thats how things get broken like what you did. you should know how to properly shutdown a computer. its the same way with anything else that has power you wait until its fully shutdown. well lesson learned i guess.

well you come here blaming MS for ruining everything... on an error that you made...   common knowledge states you need to turn off and unplug the power to any electronic device before you mess with connections...

As for your issue....  might want to pucker those lips....  you will need to contact support and explain what you did... you probably created a short in the circuit... by unplugging while it was active

common sense says don't unplug something that's running..... if you've ever owned any electronic it's all the same.

My Kinect did the same thing. There are issues with some Kinect , you see the message on the console Kinect unplugged. My own started working then the messages appeared. I spoke to MS and they sent me a new one. It is a known problem. Don't sweat it just call them.