Kinect Positioning advice.

I'm looking to get the Kinect. I've heard a lot of reports from people saying that you need at least 6ft to play and 8ft to play with someone else.
I've also heard that if you raise or even lower the Kinect it can help.
The space I have between the front of the stand and the sofa is about 6 and half feet.

I was thinking about getting a wall mount to go above the TV which will give me a little more room but I was then concerned about the camera not being able to see low enough, I have a 5 and half year old so I need to make sure it works for her and everyone else too.
The TV sits about 8 inches from the wall.

Any advice please. Hopefully I've given enough info.


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I would suggest waiting until the following is available.

If not, can you borrow a Kinect from a friend?

Hmmm! Thanks for that. That's interesting. I shall wait till it's released and see what people say about it.

Unfortunately I don't know anyone who has the kinect.

I certainly found that elevating my sensor to about shoulder height improved things for me.

I'll wait for some customer reviews on that before I shell out for it.

Thanks for the info anyway!

i would like to get a kinect at some point i just don't have the room for it

Brilliant contribution as always, on topic helping out the OP lol.....this is the official guide for placing the kinect sensor from the support pages here ...... others have said, you can purchase "stands" to help raise the position of the sensor higher depending on your setup

well we can't all be as help as you

Nice one, thanks Cokney. That has helped. I have been looking at a mount whihc most people on Amazon have been saying is quite good.

The thing to remeber about Kinect is that not only do you need to stand well back (6' or so) you also need plenty of space to wave around without hitting other people, walls furniture etc. It's not just a limitation of the tech, but also a requirement of the game play. You just need lots of open space. both between you and the TV and also around the players.

Some games need less space than others. Kinect adventures needs loads of moving about, Child of Eden just needs arm movements for cursor control and works well even in a tight space.

Update on this. We have got the Kinect and mounted it on the TV (within the 2ft-6ft MS reccomended height) using the Crown TV mount. Went to setup it up yesterday and my Wife seemed to have been tracked/ID on it but she was right back to the front of the sofa and couldn't "step on the green squares" behind her. My 5 year daughter had major issues, again she couldn't step back onto the green squares behind and her avatar legs were bending in all kinds of places.

Someone earlier on here mentioned about putting the Kinect 15cm above the TV. My concerns are as the TV is slightly forward of the wall when the camera pans down will the TV be in the way also will it still be too high to be able to see all of ours bodies, including out feet?

I've also thought about putting it at the minimum height of 2ft? but will I have the opposite effect and me and my wifes heads can't be seen?

I appreciate any and all advice

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