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Anyone know of any good deals on this at the moment?



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Save your money its garbage unless you have kids

I do have kids, but also like the look of the fitness games.

Not sure of any offers but they seem to be going fairly cheap pre-owned now. Seen them on Cex for £50-£60. Cash Generator also has them around this price. Im thinking of getting one but wondering if it will just end up collecting dust like my Wii did...

I know GAME have got quite a few offers in-store but I believe it's when buy a Kinect + Console + Games.

Think Game's been best I have seen prob be a gd few deals in run up to Xmas:-0)

£109 at asda

£80 2nd hand gamestation

I just traded mine and got £55 for it at Game.  I do have kids but it has only been played about three times since xmas. Just no decent games for it.  Even the squad control feature in ME3 wasnt enough to persuade me to keep it.  At least I got half my money back.  The cheapest pre-owned one I have seen is £70 CEX.

Shopto, £90 new with some game:

I will say that if you don't need it right now you're probably best off waiting closer to xmas as there will probably be some more deals on.

Thanks that is definitely the cheapest iv seen it. And just something i was thinking of picking up for my birthday plus kids can use it too.