Kinect needs more fine-grained control.

I'm sick of menus popping up because someone waved their hand or changing the channel because it heard something like a command while the Xbox was still listening.  I'm tired of saying "stop listening", and tired of the confusion people have when I just say it out of the blue and they think I was talking to them.  The only way I seem to have to turn it off without cumbersome deep menu diving is to pull the plug out the back.

Basically, I want the voice interface when I want it.  Give me "push to talk", where I hold down the guide button and start talking, and only listen to me then.  Give me quick on/off controls for the kinect on the guide menul.   Give me per-game/app settings for whether kinect features are enabled or not.  The Xbox One's flagship feature is, due to its overzealousness, the opposite of convenient, and is instead a source of tension and frustration.  The games are great, but I'm not even close to recommending it to my friends for any other use.


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