Kinect is killing my turtle beach head phones

I have turtle beach x4 wireless surround sound head phones. Which will now not work with xbox one. All i get is a loud buzzing noise. It seems the kinect is interfering withe the signal!. Turn kinect off or block it and they work. I have used these for years with my 360, but they will not work with xbox one and kinect. Any body got the same problem?

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Sure do. It sucks.

Do you mean the X42s because if so, then those should work, with the exception of chat according to TB website.

Do the x32s work? my brother was wanting to know my afterglows work fine for the x1 and ps4.

It doesn't work because the Kinect is a very powerful IR blaster, and its interfering with the IR on the headphones.  But IMO if you pay $150 for headphones they should have proper wireless connectivity and not be using 80s tech for data transfer.

what gets me is this is a new console and Microsoft don't have to support third party headphones from the previous console if they don't want to, it is all good and well spending hundreds on a set of headphones but personally I don't see the point.

I have X41s and they work great. Move them away from the sensor, you should be fine. I use to get interference from my modem, sounds like it was doing the same damn thing lol.

I have the x42s and I've had no prob with interference.

Can you tell me how you got the x41 to work . I cant seem to get mine to work . Thank You

I have the older X4's, can only use them if the kinect is covered or unplugged. I modded my chat cord for in game chat from a diy on you tube. Works like a charm