Kinect is failing.

 Every single month since release day PS4 has out sold Xbox one world wide. Im sure there are a few reasons for this but it is crystal clear the kinect is the main problem in regard for the loss of xbox one sales. One, kinect makes the xbox one to pricey. Two, PS4 gives people bigger better games for less, since the kinect drains 10% of the xbox ones total gaming power away even if the kinect is unplugged, games are not as good as they could be. Three, most people spending the money on the new consoles just don't care about kinect enough to buy it, or xbox one would be selling better.


 How does this happen? Simple, easy, there are flaws in the procces. You rely on bias studys done over xbox rewards. that guess what! almost all of the members there are only using xbox rewards because they don't work(puts them in a 14-younger age group). There is also information from the xbox forums you take for consideration. ya know, there is another reward program for the forums, that lures in the same group of people that make up the majority of both the xbox rewards site and the community forums reward program. This is leading you at MS to read information that is misleading and cheap when compaired to rest of the world.


 Don't take this as a negative field, its the way I view things and should be helpful to you if you see it.

P.S. I'm a G for life.


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The only thing that I see that's biased is this thread - just drop it and go play games. ;)

I do believe the price difference/Kinect played a bit part at the start, meaning the reason why PS4 is ahead is sales, not the only reason though.

I still ( and it's just my opinion ) think the reason why PS4 flew out of the gates is not so much what Sony have offered the gamer but Sony were very clever in sitting back, letting Microsoft go first with what they intended to do, sat back and watched all the flak Microsoft took and come out looking like the saviour of the gaming world.

You only have to go do a few Google searches and it's widely reported that up until a week or so before the consoles were revealed, Sony intended to ship all PS4s with their own camera, once again though they saw the backlash Microsoft got by including Kinect, the higher price and at the last minute made their own camera an option, very clever by Sony and I don't blame them.

As for the PS4 giving bigger better games? Having a PS4 in my house, I don't see it, if your talking about the "resolution gate" debate, well you could argue which one is giving the better games? Games like COD, Assassins Creed, Thief, reported to have slightly crisper visuals on PS4 but a lot of others report the same games have slightly better frame rate on XB1 so take your pick. I still say though the difference between the two for visuals and frame rate is so small it's not worth talking about.

As for the title, "Kinect is Failing" , now whether it will succeed or fail, I think after only 5 months it's way to early to say, need to give it time.

Lofty, ya pretty much but the resolution gate is only part of it. I'm talking about other things in games too. Some times to get a game to run right you have to maybe make the map smaller or remove some scenery along with cutting graphics or any mixture of the three among others. The point on this part of the issue is without kinect, xbox one would have the same resolution but better over all games.

Anyway what ever, the point is I want Xbox to beat PS4 and it seems like they only have to take one step to have better over all games and a cheaper price.

Better exclusives.

More next gen games.

When it comes to the future there's only One.

Old thread,old story....And won't change anything.

I don't want Xbox beats Playstation,i just want the best and it already started....

I see your attempt at trolling will eventually fail....   Did you grab those number from SONY or GAF?

I think some of these arguments are fundamentally flawed, firstly at the beginning yes it was more expensive but you can/could get an Xbox with game cheaper then a PS4 with game off amazon or from Game (uk). To say that it makes it more expensive now, is just wrong...

Secondly they reserved 10% processing power for the kinect, yes your correct but as the processor is faster and does 6 ops/cycle comapred to the PS4's 4 ops/cycle you can see that the Xbox processor is clearly much faster.

The reason for lower res is the API and the fact developers have been using old game engines that in some cases are still using DX10 techniques. The size of maps (as proven by the likes of DR3, no loading times either) are much larger on the Xbox... go figure...

[quote user="thread title"]Kinect is failing.[/quote]Is not! :P

actually it is...its an overpriced voice control box...hardly anybody uses it for games/motion control.  Its already failed, and it was a forced failure.  I would dare to say maybe 1 out of 10 IF that uses the kinect for gaming.  US real gamers could careless about motion gaming...some of us work all day and arent trust fund babies with a bunch of energy from sitting around.  Having said that I still have no desire to use motion gaming after a 9 hour day at work, and im one of probably 90% of gamers....KINECT isnt THE FUTURE...nor is it some great device for todays generation...its an overpriced gimmick that voice commands could of just been put into the console or controller itself.  If the competition can put a speaker and a touchpad on their controller i'm pretty sure they could of put a voice recognition mic in X1 controllers.  Motion gaming sucks...voice commands shouldnt need a separate device...its all a forced gimmick...enough said.

It's a microphone array, not just one mic, so they can more accurately detect who is talking should there be more then one person in the room, this needs a direct link to the shape audio processor otherwise you would be complaining of lag while on skype or talking to friends.

That kinda rules out the controller, I guess you could have had a sound bar style option with the microphones on, which is wired to the console. However if your doing that why not add a HD camera to the mic bar to reduce costs in the future, maybe an IR camera too, then some cooling and it's own cpu and memory to reduce the burden on the console.... oh wait.....

btw real gamers play all games, I even enjoy a bit of xbox fitness :p

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