Kinect Fun labs not working??

hi all!

when we download kinect fun labs and start it up it just goes onto the kinect saftey tips which you get on all the kinect games but then the screen goes black then after a min or two it goes back to xbox 360 dashboard.  i have the new xbox with the kinect sensor n yes its plugged in lol  does this happen to anyone else and any idea how to fix it? 


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some people were getting these problems. from what a remember they cleared the cache or re downloaded it to make it work.

yeah we tryed re downloading it a few times with no luck.  any idea how you clear the cashe?? lol  thanks for your quick reply

To clear the cache press the Guide Button and go to the Settings Blade. There pick System Settings and on the next screen select Memory.


Highlight your memory device and then press Y. All you need to do then is pick Clear System Cache.


On a side note, are you using a Slim 360 with only the internal 4gb of storage? Apparently Kinect Fun Labs doesn't like working correctly if you don't have additional space.

thanks for that ill give it a go.  yeah its the slim 360 4gb.  theres still about 2gb of space left tho.   thanks again people!!

It isn't a free space issue from what I've heard, rather it just doesn't like running if you only have the internal storage.


So if clearing the cache doesn't work the only solution would be to buy additional storage. - this will explain and help u. if u have a 4GB Slim.

I have actually found a solution that worked for me with over a month of trying to get this service to work!  I'm surprised how simple it was...I just plugged in an ethernet cord to my router and then the slim, ran my internet via the cord and actually loaded up Fun Labs and I'm currently downloading the second gadget I couldn't originally obtain (Bobble Head, already downloaded Build-A-Buddy).