Kinect and working out.

So for my birthday I bought a kinect, The idea i like but one of the main reasons i wanted to buy one was to be able to workout at home to one of the games. After doing some research i bought your shape fitness evolved.

Having played it for a a few days now i am wondering if this was a good move. For some reason or another i do the movements no problem but it says i am out of sync and i am getting no points. Whilst other movements i cannot do.

Whats more is what i see the image that the kinect is receiving i am worried that it may or may not work for someone of my size. Lets not beat around the bush i am a big guy. I am 180CM and about 180KG and i don't know if kinect is built for someone like me because what it looks like its getting is quite muddy.

So i have the following questions:

1.) Does anyone have any recommendations on exorcise games?

2.) Will these games (and by extension the kinect) work for big people?

Can i ask we keep this conversation mature? I know this post is ripe for abuse but the questions are asked in all seriousness


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I hope its meant for somebody your size otherwise thats really unfair, and if I would recommend anything it would be not to use games for exercise the best thing to do is actually get out there, go running or start a new hobbie or sport.

There's nothing I can really say to help you, but I do want to wish you good luck in your aim of loosing weight.

i am on the large size and kinect is really good, the exercises nearly kill me but they do work.  i have lost over a stone since april and i only do the exercises once a week.

I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on nutrition but your first step should be to eat clean and eradicate junk food from your diet and maybe just go for a walk every day. There are a ton of resources on the web that will help. I wouldn't worry too much either way about the effectiveness of Kinect exercising. If you're serious about losing weight then an xbox game and forum isn't the place to ask.

Go the gym lift some weights and do sports that what i do

Don't think size should have any bearing on it working properly. I think the fitness programmes are a bit temperamental, i have read a few reviews when people say they are doing the movements correctly but it isn't registering on the console.

i'm 6'4" and 24st and Kinect picks me up no bother and i find Your Shape Fitness to be rather good for working out.

also Kinect Sports is good, just load it up and play every sport in one session and you will get quite a workout.

sadly due to an op i had months ago (no, not a gastric band before anyone says it) i'm not allowed to do physical exercise as yet. i also suffered a groin strain playing Kinect sports soccer of all things...

also, Sports 2 and Your Shap 2 are due out soon, so i'll be looking forward to getting back in the swing with those.

You need to find the best set up for it.  If your room/space is small (like my living room) then my solution was to place the kinect unit on a shelf about 6ft high.  This greatly reduces the area you need.  Also you need to sort out the best lighting you can.  You can sort this by running the kinect setup in different lighting/ time of day.