Kinect and the UK don't mix well

Is it just me or is it blatantly obvious that only the American market was thought of when this was created.

I have had Kinect since launch and to this day I still cannot play it due to the sheer room it takes to be away from the sensor, I even bought the official TV mount to try and get around this issue, if I stand with my back to the wall I can just about get a good status.

Most of the UK does not have large living rooms or bedrooms so how are we ever suppose to get around this?

Will Microsoft ever release an update so it does not need so much room?

Currently for me and I imagine a lot of other people Kinect + games = Unplayable


Opinions and other users issues welcome


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now i see what you mean

try this vid


Take a look


It just clips over i don't think there are any stickers

lol with you Platinum, I just checked out the NYKO product, looks great, not out till November, only thing im not to sure off it putting stickers onto the Kinect lenses, that could be well dodgy

That was another nail in the japanese xbox coffin. Sales have become that bad the games are now in the bargin bins with some shops refusing to restock them

Think about the poor Japanese! They have no chance of getting any use out of Kinect!

Didn't think Americans had larger rooms then us :S??

There was a third party lens adaptor that clipped on to the front of the kinect made by NYKO its on amazon for 25quid.  If i remember right it took 2-3ft off the required area. Check amazon then try ebay