Kinect 2.0 biggest waste of money

Don't know why we have got to pay extra for this garbage doesn't even work most of the time


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recalibrate it with your speakers blasting. I have little to no trouble with mine and use it for nearly everything.

my works well over 90% of the time, about the only regular issue i have is that "Xbox, on." rarely works on the first try.

You didn't  pay extra money.

If you got trouble to use it,go to the support for Xbox one.

so does mine .. it's nearly always on point.

mine works great love it.

Mine works well the vast majority of the time, as the guy said try recalibrating.  I think the Kinect rocks from good voice control, gesture control, facial recognition to it tracking my head to freelook using vehicles in bf4.  Lovin it :)   tip: don't loose ur temper if it doesn't listen, chances r that it's user error or background noise, mine doesn't like me when I'm shouty lol.

Mine works great too. Calibration is key.

Mine works great on a night, during the day when my 2 year old is running around making noise it struggles to pick up my voice and only works about 30% of the time. I thought it knew if you were looking at the tv and could cancel out voices that weren't looking at it?

sounds like operator error, mine works great, much better than expected honestly. I did have a slight learning curve, but no issues with the device itself.

of course it could be a silver troll sony shill, upset because the thing does in fact work as advertised.

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