Well I found out that a another kinect A.K.A "KINECT 2" is in the works and is going to come out not sure how soon though. Supposedly  the lens is suppose to be better and it will be able to read facial expressions and I also heard that it will be able to detect emotions if you are happy,sad, etc. Hope there is a beta for this.


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It'd be nice for those of us that don't have a lot of room, can use the next version of Kinect.

Yea chickin you aren't joking

It will probably have a life span of 5 years with the current Kinect then we will probably see a new console and kinect.

Nothing has been confirmed about a new Kinect in the works. Rumors! Rumors! Rumors!

Hopefully they will incorporate even more with the new Kinect. I love how I can manage most of my xbox applications with my voice. But, I STILL have to turn my xbox on with buttons?! Wha??

[quote user="ChickinOnaChain"]It'd be nice for those of us that don't have a lot of room,[/quote]That Nyko adapter is supposed to help cut the required distance in half.

Kinect 2 with twice the f(l)ailing

No source?