Killer Instinct Will Include Survival Mode at Launch, Arcade Mode After Season One

Killer Instinct Will Include Survival Mode at Launch, Arcade Mode After Season One
Written Thursday, November 07, 2013 By Richard Walker

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First port of call for most fighting game players must be Arcade Mode, right? Well if you were hoping to hit up the single-player Arcade Mode in Killer Instinct, you can't. Survival Mode will be where it's at for KI's single-player mode, with Arcade on offer once season one's eight characters have launched.


"Our Arcade mode is going to come out when we've done the eight characters," said Microsoft Studios Game Designer Daniel Forance. "So it's not going to be at launch, at launch we're going to have six - Orchid's the last - and then we'll have two more following up post-launch."


Those last two characters are Spinal and Fulgore, so once they're out, Arcade Mode will be good to go. "So once the last character comes out then we'll have Arcade," Fornace added, "but in the meantime we have Survival. And Survival is like our endless mode."


Survival Mode pits you against endless opponents with a health bar that gradually regenerates less and less as you progress. Should you fail, you can pay with in-game Killer Points currency to return to where you got knocked out.


Killer Instinct will have an online and offline Versus mode at launch too, as well as a Dojo mode where you can cut your teeth. KIller Instinct is out on November 22nd for Xbox One. Chances are most of you are getting it for free.


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That kind of sucks because Arcade mode is the best for fighting games. I loved going through all the characters on the original and getting to Fulgore at the very end.