Killer Instinct! ULTRA!!!!!!!!!

I never got the Killer Instinct email for all 8 characters free. Im  wondering why I didn't get the email when Xbox tweeted it was based on Gamerscore and live tenure. My XBL account has 7 years and 93,805 Gamerscore! I have friends that have significantly less tenure and Gamerscore and they received the email and now a XBL message as well My question is can I please get a code so can enjoy my Xbox one day one edition that much more? Also ive asked two of my friends who are not even getting a Xbox one if I can have their codes but they think its tied to their XBL account is this true?


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I've been a member for longer. over 10 years and nothing for me. bad luck is bad luck

I would have to say that you're not able to give away any game codes , atleast that's my understanding of it. I read somewhere that someone wanted to trade off FIFA digital code for a  FORZA digital code and was told they were not able to do so. I'm pretty positive this is true.Sorry for you not getting the free code, I too, was a little upset but I understand the business aspect of MS's decisions but do not lose hope for I hear MS is going to be giving away more "gifts" on or around launch day. Keep your eyes peeled :-)

Its random picked...i may not have a big GS but ive had XBL for about 11 years straight and nothing for me.

Its amazing how many people forget the other part to that statement. The statement never said it was solely based off of tenure and Gamerscore. It said they were included along with other factors where X1 is launching. Not everyone can win, and you cannot come to the forums to ask for a code. MS doesnt even read the forums