Killer Instinct Ultra Content Question

I purchased the KIller Instinct Ultra Edition and most of the content is still locked. The character customiztions are still obtainable though KI points, but the stages are not selectable at all. What was I paying for? How can I unlock the content?


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You have to earn in-game Ki money  or  whatever its called to buy stages, one cost 500ki I think

I just don't understand what I paid for. I know it was a design decision, but it seems like kind of a ripoff.

-All Season 1 characters (8)*

-Season pass for all costumers (8) and accessory packs (16)*

-Early access to all Season 1 content

-Original Killer Instinct Classic Arcade game

I kinda feel ripped off too. I think they should have unlocked more for the people that paid more.

Seriously? You're paying for extra content, not to have them play the game for you. Unlockables are a selling point to most...

if I am paying for additonal content, why can't it be available right away?

It's the same in Forza you pay the money to have access to it. For those that don't pay, they cannot get the characters or skins you bought. It's not a ripoff. Read the description before you buy things. I have unlocked all stages and I played for 2 hours. If you are that lazy, you shouldn't be playing games at all.

This is exactly why we have microtransactions these days. People wanna pay extra money to have everything unlocked already instead of actually playing the game to unlock it. Just like the description says, you pay for access to the stuff. You'll still need to play it to unlock things.

I don't mind micro-transactions as long as it's not for something potentially game-breaking & as long as there is a way to earn it in-game without having to pay for it as well.

I still trying to figure out how to access the arcade classic game. Any help?