Killer Instinct - new patch


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Seems okay, I guess.  The game could desperately do with some more characters, though.  I know they're getting Spinal soon, and then Fulgore is to follow, but even an 8 character roster is pretty low.  

Should have either given it away or simply charged us for it.


This app store model has no place no a £429.00 console. 

Played 1 fight and wasn't impressed at all and really can't see me going back for any more and certainly wont be spending any hard earned on it !

What's a shame is that it's not a bad game.


I got a code from Microsoft that unlocks the characters and I've had a go and if you play the tutorials it's not too hard to pick up.


They've just killed it for me with this awful shop model.


I seriously hope this model falls flat on it's face and they drop it.

Personally I think its a brilliant game, one of the best fighters i've played in years! I'll confess though, i've got fond memories of the original, so maybe nostalgia is playing its part, but i'm more than happy, and chomping at the bit to get my hands on Spinal : )

Out today!!!!


Love playing it. Hate getting owned on it.

I play online I get my backside handed to me on a plate : (

So I then play Survival on beginner for an hour to feel like a bada** again!