Killer Instinct Fulgore update


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That 6.8gb must include the Arcade Mode too?!


I turned my One on this morning at about 8.30 just to see if Fulgore was available and he was already in my roster of characters waiting to be played! I could get used to not have to go searching for DLC/add-ons lol and it also makes a change from having to wait til mid morning too.


As for Fulgore himself, he's okay I guess but nothing special. I'm more looking forward to playing the Arcade Mode. KI is still one of the better releases on the One imo, even with its small roster of characters and to think I got it for free was a great little bonus!!!

Thanks HOG!

To be honest, I need to uninstall this game. I haven't upgraded to the full version and I don't think its my cup of tea with the little I have played so far. I'm never too good at this genre anyhow :/

Any got this update yet? If so what's the build number on the main screen. Mine is but I don't know if it has updated.

My build number reads and I have Fulgore and the Arcade Mode.

The 8 player lobbies are a welcome edition.  The arcade mode, I hear, is a bit on the short side.  Still, necessary improvements are being made, that's the main thing.  Killer Instinct is a good game.  It goes some way to addressing the gulf between casual players and advanced players, what with all the esoteric knowledge that is available in fighting games.  But... it will never replace Street Fighter for me.  Street Fighter Ultra has to come out on the Xbox One!  It just has to!