Kick out or ban!

My son was playing Modern warfare 2. I don´t know who it was who sad to him that he was going to banned him for not playing anymore and starts to call him the worst things like [Mod Edit]! Can you find out who it was? 



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Your son would be the one who could have that info. No one else can find out. If it happens again file a report and block the player.


Reporting a Player

To report a player you will need to follow these steps.

  • Press the Guide button and select Friends.
  • Scroll right to Players, then select the user.
  • From a game lobby: Select the user.
  • Select View Profile.
  • Select File Complaint.
  • Review the information here and when you’re ready, select File Complaint again.
  • Select one of the following reasons for filing the complaint: Text Message, Voice Message ,Voice Chat In-Game Voice , or others that may apply to the issue. 

Also more information on the xbox report system can be found HERE.

To Mute and Block a Player / Avoid

To mute a player

  1. Press the Guide button on your controller.
  2. Select Friends, then go to the Players tab. Select the player’s gamertag.
  3. Select Mute.
  4. To block communications with a player
  5. From the Xbox Dashboard, open a message from the player, and then select Block Communications. The player will not be able to send you any messages unless you send them one first.

To avoid a player

  • Press the Guide button.
  • Select Friends, then go to the Players tab. Select the player’s gamertag.
  • Select Submit Player Review.
  • Select Avoid This Player
  • Select why you want to avoid the player: Communication, Game Behavior, or Player Skill.
  • Select the specific reason why you want to avoid the player.