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I am an avid PC FPS gamer, and a few friends at work have gotten me into play some console games. I wanted to know if there were any options for the 360 in the means of a keyboard and mouse instead of the controller. I know that there is one available for the PS3 called Hori Tactical **** Commander. But from the reviews of that device it doesn't seam to work very well. Thank you!


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There is no 'official/licensed' one - but you can try searching for "Splitfish FragFX".  I have NO idea how well/poorly it works.  

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Nothing official....

You may be able to find something on import , but I have learned the hard way that if a peripheral isn't officially sanctioned it is generally not very good (no matter how tempting it may seem!)

TBH, I have always thought that the big dividing line between PC and Console gaming is whether you prefer Controllers or the 'ol mouse/keyboard combo.

I used to love games like SW:DF Jedi Knight and Flight sims etc on my PC (yes.... that was a loooong time ago) but switched over because I prefer a big TV and a controller.

....if you really don't want to part with mouse/keyboard, I would suggest you stick with PC gaming.