Kept out of XBL by Terms of Service, Forgotten Parental Control Password

Okay. So. This is what I, in all honesty, consider a painfully specific and unlikely situation, and if you choose not to believe me, that's fine. Just go away.

Oh, and warning; Text-Tsunami incoming below.

So far, attempting to get onto Xbox Live has been a veritable Series of Unfortunate Events-esque horror story, so much that I would consider it evidence of Chaos Theory maintaining a heavy negative bias. Starting from the beginning, I got onto Xbox Live for the first time...last year, I believe. Early to mid last year. I had just received my copy of Mass Effect 3 that I had preordered at Gamestop, and wanted very much to access my new gunz and armor. Bear in mind that I was at my mother's that weekend, the only place where I have internet access, and that it was late Sunday night. Knowing that I'd be forced to go to bed soon, I vacated the computer and instead carried the entire system as well as a small television over onto a table in the kitchen (Where the modem was; it had one Ethernet port and a fairly short cord). I really wanted that DLC. So I hurriedly set up my account - quite honestly, mind you, as I could have feigned an advanced age and avoided this entire situation - and when it came time to set up my Parental Permissions/Account/Whatever, I used my mother's Comcast email address. One that has since been voided, and to the best of my knowledge, is no longer accessible (My attempts to access it met with failure when I learned that it had no dedicated email service, as it was only part of her boyfriend's "primary" account). My mother has never had the best memory, nor I the best foresight, so when I asked her for assistance coming up with a password, she came up with something aside from her usual, default passwords that she felt sure she would remember. She neither remembers it nor did I write it down, and even if I had, we've moved since then, and whatever I wrote it on would likely have been lost. So now, each time I attempt to access Xbox Live, it tells me that I need parental permission to do so because of its change in Terms of Service, and I of course have no feasible way of giving this annoyingly specific password. This is quite annoying, as I just recently dropped over one hundred dollars on Gold Access and XBL Points. When I first came here for help, I tried both contacting an Ambassador and a dedicated Support Staff member, but neither of the links will work for me. Whether this is because I run Linux, have Firefox with Adblock or simply annoyed the wrong Olympian somewhere down the line, I have no clue. So here I am, tossing out my last bid for resolution, hoping that someone here can help me. Bear in mind that I've been entirely up-front and honest about this whole situation. I am in fact 16, almost 17, and I do recognize that this makes me still within the confines of the system of parental controls. Had my parents any level of tech savvy or legitimate way of making contact with the proper people (Or the inclination to do so, which they do not. They aren't especially helpful with most things), I'd have avoided this route like the plague. So please, can anyone out there spare a thought for a shockingly unfortunate gamer?


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Which distro of Linux?


But, I digress. (Often.)


You have the parental email addresse written down, right? If not, go to the Xbox and try to accept the Terms of Use and it will be shown to you.


1) Take the parental to for the password reset


2) If you can't reset it, go to SAVE THE EMAILS SENT TO YOU


3) If that fails, contact Support and provide them with the Console ID number from Settings | System | Console Settings | System Info (it's on the 2nd line) and the reference number from the email sent to you in Step 2, and submit a UE Request. It is faster to have the Agent call you by going to or you can look up the phone number from the 1st web link in the .sig shown below.


4) Should all THAT fail,


A)  If you already have a second Microsoft Account (formerly known as the Windows Live ID) you can skip step B/B1/B2 altogether


B) Make a new Microsoft Account at which after you complete it should lead you to the Account Summary


 B1) If you don't get to the Account Summary page, go to http://Account.Live.Com and sign in there.


 B2) If you are prompted to cofirm the email address, please do so.


C) Complete the security information by clicking on the Edit Security Info link below. Make sure to add the Security Question down below as well as a cellular number in the Phone Numbers field and an alternate email address which is different from the Microsoft Account address.


 D) Then, enter in the address bar of your browser. Fill in the form there, with the subject  EMAIL BEHIND MICROSOFT ID IS BROKEN - give a good working email where their support folks can find you. You should receive a response within a day, the gods willing.


And, Eris rules!

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