Keeping the xbox one on at all times

Hi everyone, we just bought my son an xbox one.  I have my digital TV box plugged into the xbox, then another hdmi cable from the xbox to my TV.  Now we can watch TV but through the xbox.  I have some questions:

1. is there a way this can work with the xbox off?  it doesn't see like it, but asking just in case there is a way.

2. if the answer to #1 is no, then is there anything wrong with keeping the xbox on at all times?  we don't want to have to turn the xbox on to watch TV.  does the huge power brick get to hot if we keep it on?

3. is there a way I can access the HDD (or mapping to it) from my windows 7 PC?



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dont think you can map the xbox one hard drive to your PC maybe try networking ? or DLNA server?

sounds like you will be using the xbox one more than your son ;)

Nero do a bit of free software to setup an DLNA sever how safe it is though i not sure?

By default, the XB1 is on Instant On mode (albeit a recent software update made it a choice at first set-up) and this would be the mode you'll want to have your XB1 to use with your cable box. Under this mode, when you shut down the Xbox, it really goes on a sort of stand-by mode to use computer lingo. The XB1 was designed to run under Instant On mode - you shouldn't have any problems. Of course, you'll have to observe that both the XB1 and the power brick are properly cleaned and ventilated.

If you still don't want to turn on the XB1 to watch TV, take off the HDMI from the cable box from your Xbox and put it on the TV. Lack of HDMI slots? You can purchase a switch for that and it'll work, no sweat.

so right now its in Instant On mode.  If turn off the XB1, I should still be able to watch TV?  I'm pretty sure I have tried this and the TV doesn't work.

I think what the OP is asking does the Xbox one have an pass-through mode meaning once the xbox one is turned off will the hdmi signal then be passed on to his skybox or what ever so he can continue watching tv without the xbox being switched on ?

bit darft if it hasn't ... but there ya go ..


don't quote me on this but I think (I don't know) the xbox one if you have your sky box or what plugged into it then you have to use the xbox one as your main hub for watching TV there for using the xbox one as the main connection for all your entertainment .. although I could be wrong..

I already know the xbox one HDMI port is not a passthrough.  I wish it was.   my xbox one is in Instand On mode and if its turned off, the TV won't work.  It has to be left on.  so my question is if its ok for the xbox to be turned on at all times, not in sleep mode.