Just thought i would share this tragic news im sure all gamers feel for her family R.I.P

Developer Rachel Byrk Commits Suicide After Months of Cyber Bullying

Shocking the net can be used for so many good things & these morons take an innocent life away.


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I haven't heard of her but it's still shocking and sad news, why people feel the need to bully or put others down is beyond me. They don't realise what/how a person is feeling or going through, or just don't care as they're horrible people.

Well said mate

Yeah, it's almost as bad as people jumping to conclusions, fitting it to their own agenda and profiting off other people's misery and misfortune.

"The spread of misinformation has varied from mildly upsetting to downright offensive. I saw one person share the Vocativ link and add a comment blaming it on a particular group (which I wont name) and I was absolutely furious. As if people using the death of my friend to campaign for their political agendas wasn't bad enough, now there was this a*****e trying to be high and mighty and use it to support their personal distaste for a group that had absolutely no involvement with the situation. It was infuriating and endlessly disrespectful."

He was born male, became "trans gender" and had tried/threatened suicide before. There is a lot more to his suicide than "cyber bullying" but hey, let the press blame the gamers. They blame them for everything else.