Just switched..

From ps3 to xbox. I ha e to say I'm impressed. i didnt own one for a long time but all my friends and family have one so i wanted to see what all the hype is about 


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Welcome however i suggest you change your gamertag references to drugs arent permitted

Welcome newbie. Don't forget to mute your mic!

[quote user="Viral Cyrix"]references to drugs arent permitted[/quote]

His gamertag doesn't reference to drugs....I Google'd the name and nothing drug related showed up.

420 is highly referenced to a "drug" that is now legal in some states.

Lol "420" yeaaaah...  Dashboard either you're being sarcastic, or you're highly unaware.  10 year old kids know what "420" means.  Even 70 year old women know it's a reference to drugs.  That's why a lot of high schools suspend you for like a week if you skip any classes on 4/20.  That's how it was for my high school, and that's how it remains for many.  I know because I'm in my twenties and I hang out at a lot of high schools.  Anyways once he starts playing on Live, he'll get complaints to the point where he'll have to change it.  420 if you wait for that, you won't have to pay money to change it.  Welcome to the better console.  Enjoy.  Glad you switched over!  Oh and I bet this thread will get locked or deleted by a mod because of our talk.  

^^ It is, but I have seen "420" in countless gamertags.


Welcome OP. What do you like about the 360 so far? Does anything in particular stand out?


[quote user="brandiesel1"]^^ It is, but I have seen "420" in countless gamertags.[/quote]Me too, and it bugs me because I got banned for two days from Live for having "BMF" in my name... a reference to Pulp Fiction.  The rules state you can't have anything that even insinuates something that will offend somebody.  Because of this "420" is without a doubt against MS's rules.  Personally I don't care as like I said, I hang out at high schools on 4/20.  I usually lean up against an outside wall and say funny comments as hot girls walk by.  

I never took the 420 into account...LOL. If you can put 420 in your motto, then it's fine. Since a word that's blocked in a motto would be "illegal" if it were used in a gamertag.

That's not sound logic.  I was able to put "BMF" in my motto and bio (and did), but got warned and banned for it.  You can put all sorts of things in your gamertag, motto, and bio that will get you in trouble.  All is has to do is offend somebody, even if it only hints at something "offensive" to somebody.  If enough people file a complaint, it will have to be changed period.  

Any moderator care to comment on if "420" is fine to use in your gamertag?  I'm still expecting a mod to lock this thread.  While I wait, I'm going to go 420.   

To the Topic Creator welcome to the right side. I hope you have many happy years of gaming on the 360.

I hope you enjoy everything Live has to offer.

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