Just release the console on the 14th

Microsft should release the console earlier.


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I'll take a working console later over a buggy one sooner ;)

well didnt major nelson post the picture of all the xboxs ready to ship in that packing container? plus were going to have to download the day one update. but either way waiting an additional week wont bother me since im getting one either way.

Well I'm getting both, so I am getting a next gen console on the 14th.. Then a week later on the 22nd.  

@Beachbum....are you getting both?? Cool, only real gamers do that!

yea hes getting next gen alienware aurora desktop too, and 4 different displays , and a universal controller so he can play all the next gens at the same time only hardcore real gamers do that . . .

That is kinda funny :)