Just received an Xbox One and now the update????

After waiting for over a year, i finally stepped up to the One less than two weeks ago. How about that for horrible timing? Now i find out about 1Tb AND the universal jack! makes me want to find something wrong with it and return the thing:)


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And all the people buying this version will be just as disappointed in a years time when they upgrade it again.

It makes no sense to have a hard drive so small, even at 1tb, when the games are so big.

I have zero interest in buying one until the slim arrives.

haha my wife cries with you. Years ago my wife ordered me a Kindle Keyboard. 2 days later the Kindle fire was announced. Price drops, product upgrades, and products discountinues will always happen, so get use to it.

I think the worst "offenders" of this are TVs.  The last time I bought a TV was probably 3 years ago... 1080P 240 Hz 3D LG...super nice... $1,500.... it probably costs half that now.  Technology is upgrading at such an alarming rate these days.

2 weeks ago? pretty much every retailer has at least a 30 day money back guarentee, return it and buy the new one if you want

1TB is really no big deal. Most people I talk to have added a external drive. 1TB will fill up pretty fast depending on your addiction to gaming. As far as the controller, no big deal for me anyway. Just a different jack for the headset.

Take ur console back and get a refund then get the new one when its out. Problem solved

This is the way of all electronics.

In my opinion... Microsoft and the Xbox division are doing a fantastic job of creating options for the fans and naysayers of the brand.  

Personally, I am happy for those that have not upgraded to Xbox One yet.  This update/upgrade in HDD is nice, but truly nothing to freak out about.  Though i think the OP may have slightly been kidding.

This is a great time to have an Xbox One.  We are going to have a fantastic summer and holiday season.

For what you paid and add on an external hard drive it would probably work out cheaper than buying the new 1tb Xbox anyway !!

I don't regret buying the standard 500 gb xbox one at the time I did and I plan on getting an external hard drive in the near future.

Lets cut the topic creator some slack he/she isn't complaining and isn't some day one person complaining about an update that happened  two years later after their purchase. If I had JUST now got my system I'd be a little bummed too. Siidenote, never by a system around E3 some kind of price cut or new bundle is probably right around the corner!