Just looking for people to play with!

Just looking for new gamers and friends to play with! =) I have usual hang outs and people to play with just thought it'd be nice to play with some new people!

Feel free to add me Juicyyyxo G3X


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Hey :) I added you, i also would like to meet and play with new people, hopefully we can get a game in soon! :)

Hi See you out there. That's if I ever get my black ops & mw3 back...........I lent to a friend and haven't got back yet !

Check our games out................feel free to add us if we have any of the same games..........Hope to see u out there

Hey.. Just throw in halo... And ask an Ambasstador...

Maybe they will throw some bots into the game for ya.



Seriously though, if you want a real game for the Xbox... Farcry2...

That is the only online game for the Xbox... Even Halo got some lame map editor, just from it...



The map editor gives you the ability to make your own maps...

Um, thanks? lol

Ambassadors have control over bots now? sweet im building me a personal army, i kinda always wanted to go the monkey horde route but this will do.

Usually when I add someone, i like to see what kind of games that we have in common first . . . what do you play?