Just got an Xbox One today

After thinking about which console to choose for a few months instead of impulse buying at launch I decided to go with XB1. I've mostly been playing the Titanfall beta which is awesome. I am looking for some recommendations of what games I should pick up. I've heard mixed impressions about most of the launch titles so some opinions would be nice.


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AC4 and Forza you cant go wrong. BF4 if you dont mind a few Bugs still.

You must choose your titles on your own as only you will know what you like.

My suggestion catching some twitch feeds of any games you may purchase, also look up as many screen shots as you can.  

AC4 is a great game having played it multiplatform - I still enjoy it on the x1 very much.

Ryse if you want to see the graphics this system can push.

DR3 is just plain ole fun. Great zombie killing and the graphics are pretty awesome for a next-gen title as well. The amount of zombies on screen is just staggering.

Forza is a great racing game - I loved it, but after seeing how much money I would have to fork out (even after the initial purchase) I quit playing. They claim you don't have to spend any money, but there's just too few tracks/cars. It's well worth a rental or when the price drops I'd pick it up.

BF4 is just buggy as all hell. Looks like garbage on the x1 after playing it on the ps4 and pc. Just my opinion - It's a solid shooter, but it's definitely weak on this particular platform.

Call of Duty Ghosts looks about the same regardless of platform. I'd highly recommend picking this up for shooter to hold you over til TitanFall. I also really love the Extinction mode - This is another game I bought on both platforms (PS4/X1) to play with all of my friends respectively (some have the x1, some have the ps4).

Tomb Raider another great looking game if you haven't played it previously. I'd highly recommend picking this up.

PREORDER TITANFALL!! You will not go wrong with that Title. I've already pre-ordered it for PC and for Xbox1. That was one of the biggest reasons I reactivated my subscription to Gold - and hoping Microsoft would show us some support if we continue to support them (I want more free games with Gold on X1).

Ac4 is excellent though I did take a break to play Fable on the 360. I'm no Zombie fan but DR3 is a good candidate.

Well, I have 7 games so far - of the 7, I think 6 of them are worthy purchases: Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag, Battlefield 4, Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5, Killer Instinct, & Peggle 2. The 1 not really worth the purchase (at least so far since I haven't finished it) is Ryse Son of Rome. It's a good mix of games too as these games give you a platformer/action game, a shooter, an open-world horror game, a racing/sports game, a fighting game, and a puzzle/strategy game.

Bf4 on x1 looks like garbage lol, please.

I'm one of the lucky few to have very few issues with Battlefield 4, so I reckon it's a brilliant game, and in my opinion the most next-gen of the launch titles. If you're into multiplayer, the 64-player matches do not get old.

Forza is great too. The new controller's rumble triggers are utilised very well.

[quote user="RippenHarra"]Bf4 on x1 looks like garbage lol, please.[/quote]I'm surprised to hear you say that, Ripp, especially since you loved BF3 so much. I have to say, I disagree - I think for the amount of fun and content it provides, it looks great.

@geek it was in response to @igneous saying it looked like garbage. I was. Disagreeing with his statement in a sarcastic way. It looks beautiful it just doesn't play perfect.

Good for you, and enjoy your X1.

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