Just got a new TV and I have a few questions

I just bought a new TV (http://tinyurl.com/3dwd99v), and I've connected it to my Xbox through the HDMI and I've set the resolution to 1080p.


What does the 'Reference levels' option do and what should I set it to?

Do I need to change the HDMI colour space options or just leave it to 'auto'?

I also seem to get crushed black and white edges on certain objects and the outline appears pixelated, why is this and what  can I do to fix it?

Anything else helpful I should know?


Thanks in advance.


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That helped a bit, thanks.

Reference level should be set according to what your TV supports. I would suggest either Standard or Intermediate. Compare the two and see which works better for you.

HDMI colour space is fine set to Auto.

Crushed blacks are likely caused by having your Brightness set too low, your Reference level set wrong, or, most likely, by having Dynamic Contrast enabled in your picture settings. Turn Dynamic Contrast off and that should alleviate your problem.

"White edges" on certain objects is likely a combination of having Edge Enhancement turned on and having your Sharpness setting too high. Both of these can be adjusted under picture settings. Edge Enhancement should be disabled.